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                          Diamond tile

                          One of the advantages of the 0 diamond tile ripple: Diamond tile industry leading by two times burning super crystal technology, DS crystallization glaze multiple glazing process, 1180 degrees high temperature, two fire, completely eliminate the water ripple, are harder and more flat, showing the surface mirror effect is perfect, like diamonds shine give a person a kind of noble, luxurious visual experience.

                          The advantages of the two diamond tile 0 suction: Diamond tile mature two super crystal technology for diamond billet burning at the bottom of a hard, physical performance is more stable, more easy to suck, DS crystallization glaze multiple glazing process, effectively reduce the dirt intrusion again. The unique 360 glazing technology, make the product 360 degree comprehensive anti pollution, it is completely eliminate the suction phenomenon of products, the use of longer, still grace.

                          Three ultra wear diamond tile advantages: DS crystallization glaze glaze diamond diamond super wear resistance is due to its unique multiple glazing process, crystallization glaze special glaze layer is thicker than the ordinary is also more resistant, no longer afraid of Home Furnishing scratching, Li spent grinding sand. Through the calendar, always maintain your early appearance.

                          Four advantages of diamond tile: high brightness diamond, glaze and crystalline glaze with better crystallinity and more DS glaze. Surface brightness of more than 103, like a mirror flat, bright, shining like diamonds, brilliant, not only makes the application space more bright and spacious, more noble luxury experience.