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                          Polished tiles

                          Technology characteristic: the production control adopts the Italy whole computer intelligent system, and applies the 3D engine cloth technology. It is the representative work of ceramic technology equipment and new material at present, and its physical performance is more superior.

                          Polishing brick texture features: Breakthrough powder and organic combination of grain technical limitations, the brick texture and delicate vivid, like nature itself.

                          Polished brick physical characteristics: top grade raw materials, safety, environmental protection, superior quality, high wear resistance, uniform and dense texture.

                          Application of polished brick paving: it is suitable for floor, wall decoration of family, shopping mall, hotel and other public places.


                          1, no radioactive elements: natural stone is mineral, without high temperature sintering, it contains individual trace radioactive elements, long-term contact will be harmful to human body; polishing brick will not cause harm to human body;

                          2, the basic control of no color: natural stone due to rock formation time, depth of rock, color difference is large, polished tiles carefully deployed, with the same batch of products, basically no color difference.

                          3, bending: natural stone because of the natural formation, timber and weathering time is not the same, leading to the close degree of strength; polished by thousands of tons of hydraulic press, by more than 1200 DEG C high temperature sintering and high strength;

                          4, the brick body thin, light weight: natural stone because of low intensity, so the processing thickness is large, heavy, increase the floors of the building load, the formation of potential threats, rising costs, and increased transport, paving and other difficulties.

                          5, safety and anti-skid is very important, especially for families with older children, more attention to the anti slip effect of tiles. Polished brick surface is bright and bright, many consumers think that its anti-skid effect is poor, in case of sprinkling water added more security risks, so avoid as much as possible, have to choose "light restrained" Yaguang tiles. In fact, all the polished tiles are non slip, and if the bricks will be slippery on the soil, there will be water astringent, so as long as the daily cleaning is done, it will not affect the anti slip effect. The antiskid performance, polishing brick and matte tile is the same.