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                          Important properties of phenolic resin
                          Date:2017/6/23 14:46:24   author:   visits:

                          High temperature performance

                          The most important characteristic of phenolic resins is their high temperature resistance. They can maintain the integrity and stability of the structure even at very high temperatures. For this reason, phenolic resins have been applied to some high temperature fields such as refractories, friction materials, adhesives and foundry industries. Phenolic resin refractory

                          Bond strength

                          An important application of phenolic resins is their use as binder. Bakelite is a versatile substance that is compatible with a wide variety of organic and inorganic fillers. The designed phenolic resin has a very fast wetting speed. And after crosslinking for abrasive, refractory material, friction material and powder to provide the required machine

                          Mechanical strength, heat resistance and electrical properties.

                          Water soluble phenolic resin or alcohol soluble phenolic resin is used to impregnated paper, cotton cloth, glass, asbestos and other similar substances to provide mechanical strength, electrical properties and so on. Typical examples include electrical insulation and mechanical lamination, filter paper for clutch plates and car filters.

                          High carbon residue rate

                          When the temperature is about 1000 degrees Celsius, the phenolic resin will produce very high carbon residue, which is beneficial to maintain the structural stability of phenolic resin. This property of phenolic resin is one of the important reasons why it can be used in refractory field.

                          Low smoke and low toxicity

                          Compared with other resin systems, phenolic resin system has the advantages of low smoke and low toxicity. In the case of combustion, the phenolic resin system, produced in a scientific formulation, will slowly decompose to produce hydrogen, hydrocarbons, water vapor, and carbon oxides. During the decomposition process, the smoke produced is relatively small and the toxicity is relatively low. These characteristics make phenolic resins suitable for public transportation and safety requirements of very strict areas, such as mines, protective bars and construction industry.

                          Chemical resistance

                          The crosslinked phenolic resin can resist any decomposition of chemicals. Such as gasoline, petroleum, alcohols, ethylene glycol and various hydrocarbons.

                          heat treatment

                          The heat treatment can improve the glass transition temperature of the cured resin, and can further improve the properties of the resin. The glass transition temperature is similar to the melting state of crystalline solids such as polypropylene. The initial glass transition temperature of the phenolic resin is related to the curing temperature at the initial curing stage. The heat treatment process can improve the fluidity of the crosslinked resin, promote the reaction to occur further, and also remove the residual volatile phenol, reduce shrinkage, enhance dimensional stability, hardness and high temperature strength. At the same time, resins tend to contract and become brittle. The temperature rise curve of the resin after treatment will depend on the initial curing conditions and the resin system.