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                          ABS resin is an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer
                          Date:2017/6/23 14:46:01   author:   visits:

                          It is a kind of general purpose resin. After modification (additive or alloy), ABS is a kind of engineering plastics. ABS alloy has large output, many kinds and wide applications. It is the main modified plastic.

                          ABS is a light yellow granular or bead like opaque resin, non-toxic, tasteless, low water absorption, has good physical and mechanical properties, such as electrical properties, excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and surface gloss, and easy processing molding. Disadvantages are weather resistance, poor heat resistance, and flammable.

                          ABS/PC alloy is to improve the flame retardancy of ABS. It has good mechanical strength, toughness and flame resistance. It is used in building materials, automotive and electronic industries, such as television sets, office automation equipment housings and telephones. The contribution of PC in ABS/PC alloy to heat resistance, toughness, impact strength, strength, flame retardancy and ABS has good processability, apparent quality and low density. The application of automotive components is the key point of application.

                          ABS/PA alloy is a high impact, chemical resistance, good flowability and heat resistance of materials used in automobile decoration ", electric tools, sports equipment, lawn mowers and snow blowers and other industrial parts, office equipment shell etc.;

                          ABS/PBT alloy has good heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance and fluidity. It is suitable for automobile interior decoration, motorcycle outer pad and so on;

                          Permanent antistatic grades use adding antistatic agent are: copiers, fax machines, paper transfer mechanism, IC support, video and audio tapes and other senior; in addition to ABS/PSU, ABS/EVA, ABS/PVC/PET, ABS/EPDM, ABS/CPE and ABS/PU alloy.

                          High gloss ABS for vacuum cleaners, electric fan, air conditioning, telephone and other home appliances products, by controlling ABS rubber particle size of R+ (small) to achieve low gloss, ABS for dashboard, instrument cover, column and other automotive interior parts, the surface micro shrinkage filling filler bold method, low surface gloss.